Psychocriticism & Apparatuses of Eternal Damnation; Or, Abolishing Prisons &…

“This [website] is an unbelievably pretentious piece of pyrotechnic, self-serving and self-pitying nonsense … Judging from the news report about your conviction for credit card theft, blackmail and fraud charges – it appears your qualification to “teach critical thinking…” gave you the elevated self-awareness to tell a jury HUGE lies – the kind of lies which […]

Ambiguous Antidotes

“Thinking is, indeed, essentially the negation of that which is before us.” ― Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel Contemporary problematics of survival demand a de-normalisation, post-parochial and cosmological world-ing. Multifaceted, multilayered and polyvalent folds over- and under- lap to create interstices of flesh, concrete, concepts, metals, woods, etc; cilia propel, enzymes digest, Amazon delivers, etc; flowing folds […]

Prison as Power

Let me radically aver: No one is in prison because of what they did, rather they are there because of who they are. Fundamentally re-visioning contemporary juridical and disciplinary practices will elucidate the moral, ethical and social hypocrisy of state power. Structural power based on complex, historical-material techniques of control augment acts of criminality into acceptable, laudable and […]