Survivability, Prison Reform & Abolition

Liminal, transitional, stages between and betwixt prison reform and abolition are necessary for prisoner survivability, reducing prison populations and, most importantly, challenging normative ideological frameworks around punitive ‘justice.’ At the same time, reform must not be mistaken for abolition, nor can it act as a ‘substitute.’ Unwavering calling for an immediate end to mass incarceration […]

Pink is the Warmest Colour; Or Connective Affections In Open Secrets (Prison & Homosexuality)

Living is a problematic and situated, although not stationary, condition. It – albeit not a reified, calcified  ‘it’ — is is. Connecting via consumption, bread to mouth (Levinas, Totality and Infinity) etc., taught/instructed flesh-ing ‘pivots’ a worlds world-ing worlds. Breathing, eating, shitting, sexing, texting, writing, driving all traverse in- and through- care. A taking care is an a priori condition; even […]

Prison as Power

Let me radically aver: No one is in prison because of what they did, rather they are there because of who they are. Fundamentally re-visioning contemporary juridical and disciplinary practices will elucidate the moral, ethical and social hypocrisy of state power. Structural power based on complex, historical-material techniques of control augment acts of criminality into acceptable, laudable and […]