Dude, where’s my State? Or Master-Signifiers and Desired Oppression

Desiring power which oppresses, desiring oppression: these are taboo topics in the era of post-poststructuralist identity politics. Asking why people mobilise themselves to support logical apparatuses of structural control is, however, essential. Why? Ultimately it is a real phenomenon, and the question has not been satisfactorily explored. Explicating the complex relations which engage subjectivities in- […]

Pure Critique

“A leftist government doesn’t exist because being on the left has nothing to do with governments.” ― Gilles Deleuze Mass incarceration involves an entire network of police, prosecution and prisons. Feeding bodies into the structure of legalized captivity creates a plethora of employment opportunities, whilst the detained bodies of prisoners provide a captive audience for […]

Prison as Power

Let me radically aver: No one is in prison because of what they did, rather they are there because of who they are. Fundamentally re-visioning contemporary juridical and disciplinary practices will elucidate the moral, ethical and social hypocrisy of state power. Structural power based on complex, historical-material techniques of control augment acts of criminality into acceptable, laudable and […]