I AM NOT A POET (since 1987)

Tony Cochran

Rubens_saturn Peter Paul Rubens / Saturn, Jupiter’s father, devours one of his sons / 1636-1638 / Oil on Canvas / 180 cm x 87 cm / Courtesy: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Rubens_saturn.jpg

Circle, i return to the rock, traversing tides of infinite seas of nothingness, to the birth

Placerville California Mother Cynthia & Me @ Marshall Hospital #Blame

pregnancy, labor pains, strain and placental push: Mother leaves for a cigarette inside the lounge 1987 times are different

Trial begins, for 31 years in the dock, convictions, convictions and convictions there aren’t any witnesses for the defendant. Jehovah Witness My Suffering? No. Not here. Not now.

Young boy in meadow, recalling waking dreams of Majestic Wolf Packs by seasonal ponds, with stick as early monastic training, life early led to solitary,

Confinement of Bible pages, grandpa Robert from Watchtower looks out surveying lands of poverty, can he tell? Can I tell? St. Christopher allows me to…

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