Tony Cochran

ae4e0dd6121d85adeb36cab27abbc753 Leon Kossoff (1959 – 1962) ‘Man in Wheelchair’ / Oil paint on wood /

Last night, a Nightmare turned round on me, making a man of me, holding me past the threshold of an Old Man’s stare who’d been with me, detritus built up these 31 years past, and so

On the eve of Spring

Into Lucid Dream

Scene is

My Grandfather Holding His Personal Court, the Weekly Family Bible study, at the old shack-house

off Round Prairie Road in Wilderville / In stark house, falling house – I am sat in chair

A swiveling, rocking chair; and then grandpa asks me about eschatology / Oh how I hated our wretched, pathetic weekly Bible Study, (but it did make an intellectual of me, or so they said or do they say?)

The Paradise, For Jehovah’s Witnesses, Is Second Only to Christ

Third After Jehovah, Who is Absent in this Scene,

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