Pure Critique

“A leftist government doesn’t exist because being on the left has nothing to do with governments.”
― Gilles Deleuze

Mass incarceration involves an entire network of police, prosecution and prisons. Feeding bodies into the structure of legalized captivity creates a plethora of employment opportunities, whilst the detained bodies of prisoners provide a captive audience for corporate profit-making. Paying far below the minimum wage, in many cases near or at zero, the prison-industrial complex expropriates prisoners’ labor. Removing ‘undesirable persons’ from ‘the streets’ enhances a mythological security already prevalent among the US and UK middle classes. ‘Crime’ is seen narrowly within the limited spectrum of mainstream ideology. The economic and social dynamics of imprisonment intersect; race, class and geography affect the probability one will go to prison, not the action or offense.

Statist power coupled with the nebulous circuit-board that is contemporary capitalism create castes of homo nihilis. The naught human. Dehumanization is the name of the game. Castigate, number, strip, search and wield power over and above little individuals; methodically remove the veneer of tolerance and democracy on the surface of Uncle Sam and Old Blighty — that Anglo-American alliance of ‘international human rights’ — and witness a catastrophe. Underneath the surface an infection is brewing, one of anguish, frustration and resistances against imprisonment.

It is from these grounds that issue forth a pure critique of imprisonment, one that rejects reform in all its guises whilst recognizing the need for immediate improvements in ‘inside’ conditions leading to the complete dismantling of the Planet Penitentiary.



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