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Leon Kossoff (1959 – 1962) ‘Man in Wheelchair’ / Oil paint on wood / Last night, a Nightmare turned round on me, making a man of me, holding me past the threshold of an Old Man’s stare who’d been with me, detritus built up these 31 years past, and so…

I, Criminal?

Responding directly to distortions, sensationalism and outright lies that led to my 10-month imprisonment is not easy. Reliving the past year is not easy. Yet, today I was reminded by a new friend that forgetting is not an option; indeed, to go forward it is essential to first look back. Reporting on my trial Emma […]

Psychocriticism & Apparatuses of Eternal Damnation; Or, Abolishing Prisons &…

“This [website] is an unbelievably pretentious piece of pyrotechnic, self-serving and self-pitying nonsense … Judging from the news report about your conviction for credit card theft, blackmail and fraud charges – it appears your qualification to “teach critical thinking…” gave you the elevated self-awareness to tell a jury HUGE lies – the kind of lies which […]

Survivability, Prison Reform & Abolition

Liminal, transitional, stages between and betwixt prison reform and abolition are necessary for prisoner survivability, reducing prison populations and, most importantly, challenging normative ideological frameworks around punitive ‘justice.’ At the same time, reform must not be mistaken for abolition, nor can it act as a ‘substitute.’ Unwavering calling for an immediate end to mass incarceration […]